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Somewhere between when I first vented my frustrations online in text format and now, a number of people told me that I ought to jump on the bandwagon and create a website of my own as a sort of pulpit from which to carefully administer my hate. Being the craven slave to peer pressure that I am, I agreed that I would.

I finally have a site, and with it, I aim to entertain. Things have changed a bit since I first launched the site a couple years back. The focus is now on music, video games, books, and movies, but I'll talk about whatever I damn well feel like. I will do my best to squeeze in your daily quote of profanity, too. Hate was something of a bedrock of the site, but I've found that I simply cannot sustain a steady stream of it. Still, I will gladly dispense it whenever I have good cause to. The site remains stricly impersonal; I'm not going to be talking about my fucking cat, or anything (well, mostly because I don't have one). Hopefully the reviews I write of various media will actually be of some use to you, and will steer you away from a wasted $50 or toward your new favorite band every now and then. Everything will be spoiler-free unless otherwise tagged, so you don't have to worry about that.

I try to keep the site updated on a regular basis, though due to life that shifts between every couple days and every five or six. I intend to keep it to once a week at the minimum, though, circumstances withstanding.




All the shit on here is copyrighted by me, except the shit that isn't. You know the drill. Speaking of, the top and left banner images are courtesy of Seawaffle. Additionally, if you want to link to this site, go nuts, and you can even use either one of the two gimpy banners I made. Hell, make your own fucking banner for all I care.

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