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Why So Hostile? has been running for five years now, which is a pretty frightening thing for me to think about. During that time, I've been posting on a regular schedule for the duration, with only a few minor slips here and there. Frighteningly enough, that makes Why So Hostile? the longest running commitment of my adult life. Scary.

Lots has changed since I started the site five years ago. Posting something, anything, on a regular basis is, in fact, extremely difficult. I originally had a handful of others who would be posting with me, but that number quickly dropped to zero. I started out posting every other day, then every three days, then four, then five, and finally I slipped to every Sunday a little while back. Lately, I've had a great deal of trouble even managing that single post a week.

I think the quality of my work has dropped off, too. I originally started this site because a number of people on a forum I frequented encouraged me to do so. They, in turn, did so because I had done several reviews there that were, if I might brag, pretty damn hilarious - and you can find them here, way, way back in the archive. The problem was that those posts were made when I had the need to rant, rave, and vent about something I had loved or hated. They were not done on schedule, and not frequent. Moving to a regular schedule has been an interesting experiment, but it has resulted in a drop in the quality of what I post. Often, now, I'm simply posting because a post is due. The inspiration is largely gone.

Life has changed a lot in the last five years, too. I used to have the time to listen to lots of music, play lots of video games, and watch lots of anime - even things I knew I'd hate after a single episode. Now I struggle to find time to game, I do an alright job of keeping up with music, I rarely read or see movies, and I haven't watched anime in years. I don't have source material for the hate and profanity filled rants that once powered this site.

This is all a long-winded way of saying that after several months of consideration, I've decided to move from a per-week posting schedule to an at-will posting schedule. I realize that there aren't too many people reading this site, and that I'm probably the only one to whom this is a big deal. As I mentioned, it's the end of a commitment that lasted more than five years. It's going to be weird. I'll definitely be posting less, but I'll also only be posting when I have something to say, which I think will mean better writing. Hopefully it'll be better for audience and writer alike.

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