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2010 In Review - Video Games
When I first started thinking about this topic, I thought that, as with music, this past year felt as if it were lacking in any major revelations. There was no clear cut winner for game of the year, no game that blew me away, no Demons' Souls, no Resident Evil 4. That actually turned out to be not at all true - the clear and obvious game of the year winner simply falls outside of my normal perception of "game".

Giving Minecraft the "Game of the Year" honors is sort of like giving a box of Legos "Board Game of the Year" honors. Though Minecraft is clearly far more a video game than Legos are a board game, they share one key similarity: they aren't games to be won, they're tools that you can use to entertain and create. Minecraft is a treatise in sandboxing, a big playground that takes on whatever shape you want it to, both literally and figuratively. I'm not one to bring out numbers in support of a game's awesomeness, but in this case, I think they say a lot: not only did I buy the game in Alpha stage for $14 and spend tons of hours on it, but between that and the early returns from Beta, a game that was made by one man and had, to my knowledge, a $0 budget for PR, sold over a million copies. In this industry, that is a Revelation with a big, bold, capital R.

Yeah, so... I guess that's it. It feels like an extremely sad list, as there is one game in it and it's a non-traditional one, at that. I have played other games that came out this year, but none that I really feel bear mentioning. League of Legends was a major addiction that I just recently kicked, but it was released late last year. I've poured a fair few hours into Rune Factory Frontier, but it's from last year, too. I guess this was just a down year for video games, or at least for ones I play.

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